GQ requires XML::Parser

Dave Horsfall dave at
Mon Sep 16 04:36:45 UTC 2019

Sierra 10.12.6.

Trying to install the GQ LDAP browser I traced the failure to the Perl 
module "XML::Parser" being required.  Trying the obvious "port install 
XML::Parser" resulted in:

     Can't map the URL 'XML::Parser' to a port description file ("Can't parse url XML::Parser").
     Please verify that the directory and portfile syntax are correct.
     Error: Can't open URL 'XML::Parser' as a port
     Error: Improper expression syntax while processing parameters

Can someone please remind me how to install this from ports (I assume)?

Or is it pure Perl?  If the latter I'll then have to remember how to 
install a Perl module...


-- Dave

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