Using outside values in a Portfile tcl

Gerben Wierda gerben.wierda at
Fri Sep 20 15:37:20 UTC 2019

The mail-server Portfile has this in it:

# Network configuration
# hard-coded examples
set host     		host
set domain		domain
set tld			tld
set fullhost		${host}.${domain}.${tld}
set domaintld		${domain}.${tld}
set HOST                [string toupper ${host}]
set DOMAIN     		[string toupper ${domain}]
set TLD        		[string toupper ${tld}]
set FULLHOST		[string toupper ${fullhost}]
set DOMAINTLD           [string toupper ${domaintld}]
set relayhost           mymailrelay.tld

Now,  obviously, my system isn’t called host.domain.tld or the relayhost mymailrelay.tld.

Is there a way I can influence these variables from the ‘outside’, so by using envrionment variables or by providing them in some way with the 'port install’ command?

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