Using outside values in a Portfile tcl

Steven Smith steve.t.smith at
Sat Sep 21 15:38:57 UTC 2019

> > other strings such as ‘macportshost’ instead of ‘host’ would make it a lot easier to find where they have been used so you know what to change

It’s already trivially easy to find, and only appears in four configuration files anyway. As you can see in the Portfile, these variables are just used for sed substitutions of strings like @HOST@ in the template files. Searching the port files shows you exactly where these appear:

find /opt/local/var/macports/sources/ -type f -exec fgrep -l @HOST@ {} ';' | wc -l

Again, I recommend focusing on the actual configuration of the deployed mail server, not the MacPorts example configuration, unless you see something wrong or insecure with the example configuration.

>> > obviously, my system isn’t called host.domain.tld or the relayhost mymailrelay.tld.
>> Please refer to `port notes mail-server`:
>> “Users must reconfigure this installation for their own system, network, and security model specifics by editing all necessary files and checking file permissions.”
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