Problems with MP 2.6.0 on Snow Leopard

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Mon Sep 23 14:39:19 UTC 2019

clang-8.0 is the new default compiler for 10.6.8, but it shouldn't be requiring it until it is installed.

This procedure is new, and we are just learning all the ways it might break :) I am thinking that the logic sees you libxx installed, and that is confusing it.

Once the buildbot is up to speed, you'll just download a prebuilt gnp and be on your way.

But I am curious what is doing this to you. If you get time, please post back the rsults of: 

port -v installed libcc
port -v installed cctools
port -v installed ld64
port -v installed | grep clang
port -v installed | grep llvm
port -v installed | grep bootstrap

Best, Ken

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