Pruning old Perl installs

Kieran Simpson kierans777 at
Tue Apr 7 02:23:51 UTC 2020

I'm going through my ports installation and pruning out old versions. I've
cleared out a few Python installs and now Perl is getting the same
treatment. However I've gotten stuck and am not sure on the best way to
proceed without breaking something.

$ port installed perl*
The following ports are currently installed:
  perl5 @5.26.1_0+perl5_26 (active)
  perl5.24 @5.24.4_4 (active)
  perl5.26 @5.26.3_4 (active)
  perl5.28 @5.28.2_2 (active)

$ port dependents perl5.24
p5.24-alien-wxwidgets depends on perl5.24

$ sudo port uninstall p5.24-alien-wxwidgets depends on perl5.24
Note: It is not recommended to uninstall/deactivate a port that has
dependents as it breaks the dependents.
The following ports will break: p5-alien-wxwidgets @0.690.0_0

$ port info p5-alien-wxwidgets
p5-alien-wxwidgets @0.690.0 (perl)
Replaced by:        p5.26-alien-wxwidgets
Sub-ports:            p5.26-alien-wxwidgets, p5.28-alien-wxwidgets,

Library Dependencies: p5.26-alien-wxwidgets

So by removing p5.24-alien-wxwidgets I don't think anything will break.
However any advice on how to proceed would be appreciated.
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