libpsl doesn't build on older versions of Mac OS X because it depends on python38

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at
Mon Apr 20 13:08:33 UTC 2020

Hi Ken!

this is the good news, it is always best to patch a depeendency isntead
of working around down the tree.


Kenneth F. Cunningham wrote:
> I pushed the python38 fix I have been using the past four months or so.
> It works, and should get you moving. It has been well tested.
> Upstream is looking to see if they might do an official integration of a fix that follows their usual Makefile pattern, and if they do, this fix may not be needed in some future release of python.
> Thanks to everyone for their reviews and looking things over.
> For Chris, the patches have been restricted to ancient systems only, and cannot affect 10.6 or newer in any way, as requested.
> Ken

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