Python 3.8.2 - Macports configuration problem

Uli Wienands wienands at
Thu Apr 30 00:34:54 UTC 2020

To chime in here, it really depends. It seems that your direct 
installation has all the packages you need, so it may be easier to keep 
that one updated. It is hard to see a downside of doing that. For me, I 
am nursing along one Mac running 10.6; in part to keep some PPC stuff 
running, in part because I like 10.6 so much better than the newer 
versions, so I use Macports since the installer requires 
10.9. And then, it is easiest to use Macport for the newer machines as 
well and have a common installation everywhere.

For me, the biggest downside of Macports is the risk one takes everytime 
one updates Macports and/or individual ports. I have had enough breakage 
that I have become very hesitant ugrading things, as breakage occurs 
that sometimes is very hard to recover from.

My $0.02,


On 4/29/20 12:00 PM, Max Anglad wrote:
> Okay, I finally have the explanation of this double installation (see
> It must certainly come from a direct installation that I had done since but I did not remember it anymore... I do so many things :-/
> It remains to be seen now what is the easiest use in time of Python, via or via Macports ...
> What do you think ?

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