How enable ftp to localhost wordpress site?

Murray Eisenberg murrayeisenberg at
Sun Aug 2 15:09:46 UTC 2020

But I want to protect against anybody from outside my Mac being able to log in remotely to it.

Doesn’t enabling “Remote Login” in Sharing allow logins from outside?

> On 2 Aug2020, at 8:00 AM, "Bill Cole" <macportsusers-20171215 at <mailto:macportsusers-20171215 at>> wrote:
> On 1 Aug 2020, at 10:36, Murray Eisenberg wrote:
>> (I searched for ?openssh? in /opt but find nothing with that name 
>> there, so I cannot even see any config file for it!)
> There is a port for OpenSSH named 'openssh' so you should have found 
> something...
> But generally you wouldn't want to use the port unless you have some 
> need for the features in the latest version or are using an old version 
> of MacOS X which has a vulnerable OpenSSH in the base system. Enable 
> "Remote Login" in the Sharing preferences pane and you get SFTP along 
> with it.

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