Build clang in stages? And how to run "make check-all"

Ces VLC cesarillovlc at
Tue Aug 4 10:58:36 UTC 2020


I've always built the complete LLVM tree manually, on my own, but now for
the sake of more convenient updates and more comfortable patching, I'll
move to the MacPorts LLVM builds (*).

I know there's a supposedly officially supported multistage build in LLVM
(see I've never used it (mainly
because LLVM is usually a bit lagging in terms of documentation: before the
monorepo you even had to guess where each subproject was supposed to be
downloaded in the tree).

Anyway, despite not using this official multistaging, I've always built
LLVM in manual stages (at least two: first stage with my current compiler,
second stage with the first stage compiler). At the end I issued a "make
check-all" for checking how the result looks in terms of tests

Now, looking at the portfile, it seems like LLVM/clang is built with one
stage only in MacPorts and no checks are performed (unless I'm missing some
bits, because I'm still no expert at portfile syntax).

Don't you check the validity of the resulting compiler in some way? I
suppose you do, at least for internal tests, don't you?

Kind regards and thanks a lot,

(*) When I say "LLVM", I mean the whole tree (including flang when LLVM 11
gets released --I'm tempted to try the RC1, but there seem to be some fatal
reports from release testers in the mailing list, so maybe it's wiser to
wait for at least RC2 --although the developer doing the MacOS build
reported total success with RC1 --he didn't build flang, though). Looking
at the portfiles, it looks like the port for "everything" is clang rather
than llvm, if I'm not mistaken.
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