apg still very useful, please don't deprecate

Sean DALY sdaly.be at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 04:51:53 UTC 2020


I am a user of MacPorts on my three main Macs and I am concerned having
seen the message that apg may be deprecated. This is a very useful utility
for me, I use it every time I need to generate a strong unique password
(i.e., once or twice a week). I use it like this:

$ apg -M SNCL -m 12 -n 10 -s

I bash the keyboard randomly like my cat does to generate the seed, then
output looks like this:


I then pick one of these I like, making minor changes if for example I
think I might confuse the number 1 with lowercase L or zero with uppercase
O. To me, apg is helpful because the generated passwords often have three
pronounceable nonsense syllables and are fairly easily memorable for strong
passwords, which I find is never the case for more random passwords. None
of these passwords have ever been cracked (touch wood) and it is trivial to
generate longer passwords, or as many as needed.

In the past, I used apg to generate replacement passwords for a couple of
thousand users of a private website I was running and used the
astonishingly useful '-l' (lowercase L) option which provides the ICAO
phonetic alphabet spelling of each character in the password. Whenever I
had to provide phone support to an elderly user, something like
thisek_Swuv9 could be dictated:

So if it is possible to keep apg around, please do, I use it all the time
and it performs its job very well with no bugs I have ever encountered

thank you

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