apg still very useful, please don't deprecate

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Sun Aug 16 13:35:15 UTC 2020

Sean DALY wrote:
> So if it is possible to keep apg around, please do, I use it all the time
> and it performs its job very well with no bugs I have ever encountered

The danger is not that it will be removed just for being old, but that
it will one day start failing to build with the latest developer tools
(or the latest version of cracklib). Then someone will look at it, see
that there is no upstream maintainer, and wonder if it's worth debugging
the problem and then maintaining a patch set forever.

The best way to prevent a port from being removed in those circumstances
is to volunteer to do that repair and maintenance work on it.

Do note that there are several other password generation utilities
available through MacPorts; maybe one of them would serve your purposes.
The ones I found with a quick search are: makepasswd, mkpwd, passogva,
pwgen, secpwgen, sf-pwgen

- Josh

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