How can I install an older version of a port _and_ similarly old versions of all of the ports's dependencies?

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Thu Aug 20 16:34:02 UTC 2020


I'm running Mavericks, because I want to and it's my favorite OS. Sometimes—understandably—things break on Mavericks, because it's old. That's completely fine, I'm delighted that old OS's are still supported at all!

However, there are some ports which are broken now but used to work. The one I'm currently having issues with is Docker Machine, which can't be installed due to an issue in Go and/or the Legacy Support framework (ticket #60611). I remember installing Docker Machine from Macports at some point in 2018, so it definitely used to work, and I wouldn't mind using that two-year-old version now—but I don't know how!

I do understand how to install an older version of a single port, via the procedure documented at However, what I want to do is install an older version of not just Docker Machine, but all of the packages that Docker Machine depends on, so I'm not trying to compile a new version of Go with an old version of the Legacy Support Framework, or vice-versa. Is there a way to do that?

I'm using a clean prefix, so there's no danger of interfering with other ports installed on the system.

In other words, I'm hoping to accomplish something kind of similar to Debian's snapshot system, where you can install from Debian's repositories as they were at a certain date in the past.

Thank you!
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