How can I install an older version of a port _and_ similarly old versions of all of the ports's dependencies?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Aug 21 01:05:31 UTC 2020

On Aug 20, 2020, at 11:47, Lothar Haeger wrote:
> You could probably check out the port tree from 2018 into a local folder and use that in sources.conf as the only entry. 

Right. We also make tags of the ports tree for each new non-bugfix release of MacPorts base:

So you can find historical ports collections corresponding to certain MacPorts base versions.

Be aware that we don't support installing older versions of ports like this, and it is possible that you will run into problems using old ports and new MacPorts base. You may have to downgrade MacPorts base to the same point in time.

Be aware that MacPorts base installer packages automatically update themselves to the latest version, using selfupdate. So if you deliberately want an older version, build it from source rather than using the installer package (or disable your Internet connection while running the installer package so that it can't update itself).

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