gimp2: Unable to read initialization file script-fu.init

Eric F (iEFdev) eric at
Sat Aug 29 22:24:40 UTC 2020

I saw this post as well:

Have no idea. I haven't seen it before. I have the “gimp-app” installed and start Gimp from the Dock, but I saw it now when starting Gimp from Terminal. The items in: “Filters►Script-Fu►” seems to work though, and the console and server panes opened.

· Eric

On 8/29/20 23:27 , Ken Cunningham wrote:
> BTW, there is an email chain here suggesting certain remnants of previous gimp installs left behind might cause this <> and  I tried clearing out every remnant of gimp in my home folder until nothing was left:
> $ sudo find ~ | grep gimp
> but still, no matter what I do:
> $ gimp
> Unable to read initialization file script-fu.init
> seems to me everyone must see this, no?
> Ken

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