Running X11 in MacOS-window-as-X11-display mode?

Justin Vallon justinvallon at
Mon Dec 7 18:36:39 UTC 2020

Does anybody have any configuration that would allow for running X11 in 
a window-as-display?  That is, a single Mac window would display an X11 
session: window manager, multiple windows, etc.

Ie: can do windowed mode where each X-window is a Mac-window, or 
root where the entire display is owned by X11 (full screen), but cannot 
have root-in-a-window, where a single MacOS window would contain an X11 
session (window manager, windows, etc).

Alternately, I could start a VNC server, and connect to localhost via a 
VNC client.

I have tried:

- does not have window-as-screen mode
- Xnest does not appear to have a port (ie: tell to run Xnest 
and let it then run a window manager)
- Couldn't find any Xnest-equivalent ports
- packages category:vnc:
   - tightvnc fails to build
   - tigervnc is viewer only
   - vnc fails to build
   - cotvnc is viewer
   - vineserver appears to be a vnc server to allow access to the Mac

JustinVallon at

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