Running X11 in MacOS-window-as-X11-display mode?

Justin Vallon justinvallon at
Mon Dec 7 20:41:57 UTC 2020

On 12/7/20 2:31 PM, David Herron wrote:
> I'd done some exploring of that question about a year ago.  A couple 
> results I came up with was a method of running an Linux X11 application 
> inside either Docker or Multipass/Ubuntu and display on X11 on the Mac 
> screen, or else in a VNC viewer.  See the links below.

I'd like a "real" mac-os xterm running, akin to opening an X11 window. 
So, a VM/Container is not going to work.

> The direct answer to your question is to suggest looking at XQuartz.  In 
> its preferences panel, on the Output pane, is a preference marked /Full 
> Screen Mode/ that I think does what you're asking.

I think that XQuartz is the X-server for MacPorts  That "full 
screen" mode takes over the entire display (hiding all other Mac 
applications).  I would like to have that X display within a Mac Window.


I currently use a VNC server on a debian machine, and a VNC client on my 
Mac.  I am trying to configure my Mac to run the Xserver/VNC server so 
that I don't need to remote-connect to my Linux host.

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