Strange python-38 error when running pip search

Carlo Tambuatco oraclmaster at
Thu Dec 17 17:18:16 UTC 2020

Yeah I found this out a few days ago on r/python … Apparently the API that pip search depends on 
allows people to spam the PyPI service into oblivion, so they decided just a few days ago to disable 
it by throttling any attempts to access it. They don’t have a 1:1 replacement for pip search as of 
yet, but it is irksome they just decide to do this with no replacement or notification. 

The pip install command still works and you can still access the pip search functionality with 
3rd party workarounds.

> On Dec 17, 2020, at 9:40 AM, Bill Cole <macportsusers-20171215 at> wrote:
> On 17 Dec 2020, at 2:42, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>> On Dec 14, 2020, at 16:26, Carlo Tambuatco wrote:
> [...]
>>> xmlrpc.client.Fault: <Fault -32500: 'RuntimeError: This API has been temporarily disabled due to unmanageable load and will be deprecated in the near future. Please use the Simple or JSON API instead.’>
>>> End error:
>>> I have no idea what is going on and don’t know where to begin. This started either today or yesterday.
>> I guess you should file a bug report with the developers of pip?
> It's not a problem in the software, it's a problem with the service that it accesses.
> See
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