mac build of mythtv

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Tue Dec 29 08:21:24 UTC 2020

On Dec 29, 2020, at 00:55, James Linder wrote:

> I posted this to mythtv-users, but I wondered in anyone had any interest. The obvious first step is wrapping John's work in a port.
> -----------------------------------------
> John (Hoyt) did a stellar job getting the macos/ansible build proceess to work and in no way is this critique any reflection on his effort.
> (and all his work is here
> Mythfrontend on mac is aweful!
> What we need is someone who understands the gubbins of macos to take an interest and lead us from the wilderness :-)
> The app is slow to start and to stop (talking 20, 30 seconds)(cf 1-2 sec: linux)
> Cutlist editor core dumps *every time* editing a HD (h254) recording
> On linux scan of video fills in meta data. On macos it often does not. I->Change Details->Retrieve often works, often on 2nd or 3rd try. Sometimes at least the text is set but the image is not.
> There are also funnies with regard to season vs episode meta data retrieved.
> I->C->R retrieves season meta data, scan retrives episode meta data. This occurs on linux too. A workaround is to reset metadata and scan until succces.
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Sounds like there are some bugs in mythtv.

Normally in MacPorts, we merely package software that its developers have provided. We aren't ourselves the developers of that software and aren't responsible for fixing bugs or making other improvements in it, though individual users who are interested might do so. If there are bugs in the software, file bug reports with its developers, and help fix them if you can.

The maintainer of the mythtv ports in MacPorts is Craig; I've Cc'd him; maybe he has more input.

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