Call for contributors to macOS port of GDB

Simon Marchi simon.marchi at
Thu Feb 13 22:36:49 UTC 2020


I'm writing to various circles of Mac users (brew, macports) in the hope that
some people might be interested in contributing to the GDB macOS port.

We (the GDB project) regularly receive some bug reports and feedback concerning
GDB on macOS, which is great - it looks like people are willing to use it, and
it probably works somewhat.  But all in all, it sounds like the experience of
using GDB on macOS is not very good.

There is, however, to our knowledge, not many people (none?) who are active
contributors to GDB and everyday developers on macOS.  And given the difficulty
of using macOS if you don't own a Mac, it's hard to do any testing at all.

In these conditions, the code is condemned to bit-rot, to a point where GDB
will eventually just stop working on macOS.  I'm reaching to you, who might be
interested in (1) keeping GDB on macOS from bit-rotting (2) improving it to
make it more stable.  Those who develop on macOS daily are in the best position
to do that.

If you'd like to contribute, feel free to drop us a message either on IRC [1]
or the gdb-patches mailing list [2].  If you don't know where to start in the
GDB codebase (which can be intimidating), or what to tackle first, don't worry,
we can help you.




PS: if you are aware of other forums where this message would be relevant,
feel free to forward.

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