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Thu Jan 2 10:50:42 UTC 2020

The current postfix version in MacPorts is 3.4.8, the last official one.

However, on macOS, with its broken syslog environment, using postlog for logging is a nice option. The problem is that this doesn’t fully work because of a problem in postfix (something with opening log files after dropping privileges and such).

Wietse Venema (author of postfix) has created a patch for me, which I have tested and this works. As a result, the postfix setup with postlog now works and that is really useful on macOS.

But the patch is for Wietse’s ‘experimental’ version, in this case 3.5-20190922. Now, Wietse’s experimental releases are in fact normally production releases (he runs them on his own <> server) so they are production quality. If they aren’t, he releases them as experimental-notforproduction.

So, I am tempted to update the postfix port with 3.5-20190922 with the patch and create a pull request. I am already running this in production and it works fine. I finally have all the logging back that I lost when Apple released High Sierra and its

So, what do you think. Update the port to ‘production-experimental’ 3.5.20190922?

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