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Dr M J Carter Martin.Carter at
Tue Jan 14 16:36:09 UTC 2020

On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 09:04:41AM -0500, Steven Smith wrote:

> > "reset" is not a git command I ever run in the normal course of my
> > contributions to MacPorts
> Practically, the most efficient way to fix conflicts or really any
> git local error is to save work outside git, do a `git reset --hard
> upstream/master`, and copy the work back.

Argharghargh.  Local drive space is cheap; if you really do wreck your
local checkout, it's less drastic to clone upstream into a different
directory, copy what you need from the checkout you broke, and leave
the wreckage behind.

This trick saved my sanity [stop laughing at the back there] more than
once while I was still formulating MajoC's Rules of Git, which end
with: ".... and as with all Swiss-army chainsaws, watch your wrists."
Hope this helps, folks.

Dr Martin J Carter
Computer System Administrator
Astrophysics, University of Oxford

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