tclsh/tclreadline question

joerg van den hoff veedeehjay at
Mon Jan 20 11:58:04 UTC 2020

I am running osx 10.15 and have installed tcl 8.6.10 plus tclreadline 2.3.5 with current macports.

this works flawlessly, in fact. I am nevertheless asking here since when self-compiling the exact 
same tclsh 8.6.10 and trying to use the macports-installed tclreadline together with it, the latter
memory faults in file

/opt/local/lib/tclreadline2.3.5/tclreadlineInit.tcl in

line 27 `tclreadline::Init'.

this clearly is not macports problem (since macports-tcl + macports-tclreadline works fine), but I 
have so far unsuccessfully tried to find out what causes the problem with the self-compiled tclsh (I 
want to test some recent changes to tcl and do want to utilize macports-installed stuff like 
tclreadline and tcllib etc. in the process).

so I would appreciate any hints from the package maintainers of tcl and tclreadline what I am doing 
wrong here?


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