rsync and different UTF normalization in APFS vs HFS+ (macports-users Digest, Vol 167, Issue 3)

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Mon Jul 6 10:17:18 UTC 2020

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020 at 2:43 AM Jim DeLaHunt <list+macports-users at>
> [...] I hope you see the distinctions I'm trying to explain. And, I hope
this helps you figure out a solution. Please let the list know what you
find out.

Thanks a lot, Ryan and Jim, for your messages and for the great information
you provided. It's very complete, and, yes, Jim, what you described is the
cause of the problem: rsync just transmits file names as verbatim raw
sequences of bytes with no conversion at all.

IMHO, the correct way of fixing this shouldn't be by manually converting
the encodings yourself with the '--iconv' flag, but actually with a flag
for performing the check after normalization, which AFAIK doesn't exist (it
wouldn't matter what normalization, just apply the same normalization to
all file names before comparing them, and then discard the normalization).
What I mean is, what's the purpose of rsync considering as different two
files whose name is identical when being displayed in a terminal? Two
identical text strings can be normalized in different ways (for example:
accents in separated codes, or in composed codes), but they are the same
text. So, if the text is the same, why consider them as different file

I don't understand why such '--normalize-before-compare' flag doesn't exist
(I insist: no need to specify the normalization algorithm, just apply the
same algorithm to all file names). It would fix all these problems in an
elegant and clean way, and, BTW, this would be the behaviour everybody
expects, if I'm not missing any point here.

Another surprising thing is that I don't see any serious alternatives to
rsync. It's good because if everybody uses rsync, it will be better tested
and more reputable, but it also has the bad side of what happens when it
doesn't support the feature you need...

Kind regards,

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