Workarounds for cross compiling to Windows?

Ces VLC cesarillovlc at
Fri Jul 10 06:59:26 UTC 2020


I know that MacPorts doesn't support building packages for other OSs, but
anyway there are some features that even if they are not officially
supported, do work because of the way it's designed (for example,
installing MacPorts in your home directory with no root privileges needed).

I build apps for both MacOS and Windows from the same Mac (so I cross
compile to Windows, using mingw-w64). And, because apps usually depend on
libraries, I build such dependencies both for MacOS and for Windows.

Until now, I used my own build scripts when cross-compiling to Windows, but
I'm wondering if I could use MacPorts in some way for making this task more

I know there are things that wouldn't apply (like patches, which are
Mac-specific). In fact, MacPorts is very Mac-specific in itself.

But I'm wondering if there's some way of tricking the system so that I
could write for example a custom portfile for the packages I need, with
this portfile modified for cross compiling to windows.

Do you think this would be feasible? Or do you recommend to keep using my
scripts? Or perhaps you know of any package manager designed for cross

Kind regards and thanks a lot,

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