installation problem

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Jul 13 05:54:40 UTC 2020

On Jul 13, 2020, at 00:51, Carlos Yeager wrote:

> <Screenshot 2020-07-13 at 1.42.40 pm.png>
> Am I still doing it wrong somewhere? why I still get "command not found" when running "port version" This is after I closed both and reopening terminal

From your screenshot, you're using bash, not zsh. Apple has printed a message for you telling you how you can switch to zsh if you wish. If you do that, then the modifications MacPorts made to your .zprofile will take effect and the port command will be found. You can remove the duplicate modification of PATH that you added to the end of the file.

If you want to stay with bash instead, then make similar changes to your ~/.bash_profile. There are existing errors in your .bash_profile on line 7 that you'll need to fix too.

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