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Sun Jul 19 01:48:59 UTC 2020


I just figured out that we forgot to send this email to the users mailing
list, it only went to developers.

Arjun has done an awesome job improving the work on the ports website as
part of a GSOC project.

We would be extremely grateful to get your feedback about
before it gets deployed to

Thank you very much,

PS: Since last week when the message was written the splashscreen and the
dark mode have been implemented (among others).

On Sun, 12 Jul 2020 at 20:56, Arjun Salyan wrote:

> Hello all,
> This is in continuation to my previous emails regarding updates about the
> webapp. The temporary version is deployed at
> *New features:*
> *Accounts:*
> Users can now create accounts on the webapp using email/password or login
> with their GitHub handles.
> *Watchlist and notifications:*
> Logged-in users can add ports to the watchlist. Notifications are
> displayed whenever a port gets updated. An overview of the followed ports
> is displayed with filters for "broken builds", "outdated livecheck" etc.
> *"Followed by me" ports*
> Logged-in users can get an overview of the ports that they maintain (this
> is done by matching their emails and GitHub handles with those supplied in
> the Portfiles).
> *"Splash screen" (upcoming)*
> It was pointed out that our current port page (
> contains a lot of technical
> information which might not be useful for the general user. This reduces
> the odds of user acquisition. So, we plan to add a page with a focus on the
> software version and installation instructions. It will have a link to the
> existing page under "Details". Maintainers and advanced users will be able
> to by-pass this page (setting a cookie with the preferred page) and reach
> the details page directly. Existing links will be maintained in this
> process.
> Feedback and suggestions would be very constructive.
> Thank You
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