rsync server is down (and a workaround)

Joshua Root jmr at
Thu Jun 4 04:54:37 UTC 2020

As you may have noticed, the server at FAU that hosts
is currently down. There was a hardware failure, and work to restore
service is in progress.

If you need to selfupdate in the meantime, you can use a different
mirror as described at <>. Make
sure to update both macports.conf and sources.conf as described under
the Portfiles and MacPorts Source headings. This won't get you the very
latest changes until the main server is fixed, but it may be newer than
what you have depending on when you last updated.

If you do need the very latest Portfile changes, syncing with Git is an
option: <>

The same server also hosts archives and distfiles, but there should be
minimal problems with those since MacPorts will simply try another
mirror if fetching from one fails.

It should be obvious when the problem is fixed, but there's also a
ticket tracking the issue:

- Josh

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