How to install on 10.15 with deployment target as 10.13?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Jun 26 05:11:40 UTC 2020

On Jun 25, 2020, at 23:15, Sandeep Thakkar wrote:
> I'm compiling postgres with LLVM support on macOS 10.15 Catalina. The binaries are supported on 10.13+. On target machine (10.13), the library fails to load with the following error:
> dlopen(/Library/PostgreSQL/13/lib/postgresql/, 10): Symbol not found: ____chkstk_darwin
> I guess this is because:
> $ otool -l /opt/local/libexec/llvm-8.0/lib/*.dylib | grep -B1 -A3 minos
>        sdk 10.15
>      minos 10.15
> Before I installed LLVM-8.0 using macports on 10.15, I appended /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf file with "macosx_deployment_target   10.13"

That should be enough, if you build from source. You might have received a binary from our server instead, which was built without that setting. Set "buildfromsource always" in macports.conf, and uninstall and reinstall postgres and all of its dependencies.

If you want to use this MacPorts prefix for other things that don't need a nonstandard deployment target and you want to be able to receive binaries of those, then I recommend you leave your main MacPorts prefix /opt/local set for the default deployment target and keep binaries enabled, and install a second copy of MacPorts somewhere else like /opt/macportsfor10.13 and set its macports.conf for the 10.13 deployment target. MacPorts isn't able to use binaries for nondefault MacPorts prefixes anyway.

> and also did "export MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.13" on the terminal where I executed port install clang-8.0

MacPorts will intentionally ignore this and most other environment variables you set.

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