installing MacPorts 2.6.2 on Ubuntu Linux 20.04

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Sat May 2 17:19:20 UTC 2020

> And then you can play around. I don't know if MacPorts on Ubuntu (or any
> other flavour of Linux) will ever be popular, but you can at least get
> started.

I'd like to add for anyone considering trying this -- and anyone more 
knowledgeable please chime in -- macports prefers a less-priviledged 
macports user, so after a little reading, this seemed to be the proper 
set of commands to me:

sudo adduser --system --group --home /opt/local/var/macports/home 
--disabled-password macports
sudo chown -R macports:macports /opt/local/var/macports/home

and with that, I see that macports is now building software using the 
macports user, as it should. There don't seem to be any permissions 
issues cropping up.

I'm thinking I should probably disable startup items, as these are not 
set up in a proper fashion yet on Ubuntu, and also I'm not sure what to 
do about


as a location for binaries to be deposited.... have to think about that.

But, so far things are installing and appear to be working as they 
should, although it is easy to get stuck on a port that doesn't build at 

$ port -v installed
The following ports are currently installed:
   bzip2 @1.0.8_0 (active) platform='linux 5' archs='i386' 
   gettext @ (active) platform='linux 5' archs='i386' 
   gperf @3.1_0 (active) platform='linux 5' archs='i386' 
   libedit @20191231-3.1_0 (active) platform='linux 5' archs='i386' 
   libffi @3.2.1_0 (active) platform='linux 5' archs='i386' 
   libiconv @1.16_0 (active) platform='linux 5' archs='i386' 
   ncurses @6.2_0 (active) platform='linux 5' archs='i386' 
   zlib @1.2.11_0 (active) platform='linux 5' archs='i386' 

(note - these all say archs='i386' but in reality, they are x86_64)


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