Is It Safe To Use reclaim?

Michael Newman mgnewman at
Sun May 3 02:18:46 UTC 2020

Late last year I ran reclaim for the first time. It was somewhat of a disaster because it removed ports that I actually wanted and I ended up having to completely reinstall MacPorts.

Since then I have been afraid to use it again.

As far as I can tell there is no way for me to be sure that ports that I have actually requested have been so flagged:

MrMuscle:~ mnewman$ port installed | grep lynx
  lynx @2.8.9rel.1_1+ssl (active)
MrMuscle:~ mnewman$ port installed requested | grep lynx
MrMuscle:~ mnewman$ 

I know that I can use setrequested to flag a port, but how can I know on which ports I need to do that?

The only way I can think of is to manually go through the list of installed ports, try to recognize the ones I've requested, check to see if they are so flagged and, if not, manually flag them.

Is there an easier way?

Mike Newman
Korat, thailand

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