failure to link most programs on Leopard

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Sat Nov 14 20:31:40 UTC 2020

> ld: illegal text-relocation to '___cpu_indicator_init' in cpuinfo_s.o 
> from 'anon' in cpuinfo_s.o for architecture i386

This is a fairly common error when linking 32 bit software

You fix it with something like this, from the x265 Portfile


if {[variant_exists universal] && [variant_isset universal]} {
    lappend merger_configure_ldflags(i386) -Wl,-read_only_relocs,suppress
} else {
    if {${build_arch} eq "i386"} {
        configure.ldflags-append -Wl,-read_only_relocs,suppress


I notice that block ignores “ppc” which also tends to throw the same error, being 32bit as well.

I’m not positive, but I think at one point in time macports base added this flag to most or all builds, but that went by the wayside when most builds became 64bit intel. 

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