macOS 11 Big Sur and MacPorts

John Chivian jchivian at
Mon Nov 16 02:39:34 UTC 2020

@Ryan - When I start Xcode after updating it tells me it is installing 
needed components, and command line tools *is* one of the components 
updated.  It tells me that explicitly during the install.  Again, the 
"xcode-select install" is not something I've done manually either of the 
last two times I've updated MacPorts.  For me, that step was not 
required when I did the MacPorts update after the Catalina install, or 
just now after the Big Sur install.  MacPorts continues to function as 
expected retrieving and building packages as needed.  I don't mean to 
argue, I am just relaying what I've personally experienced.  Perhaps the 
action is remembered somewhere in Xcode?

On 11/15/20 17:28, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Nov 15, 2020, at 16:53, John Chivian wrote:
>> For me, every time Xcode is updated, the first time I start it following its update I am prompted to update components,
> Yes.
>> and the current version command line tools are installed.
> No. "Components" are not "command line tools". You must also update the command line tools separately.
>> Perhaps the manual xcode-select is required if you don't actually start Xcode the application following its update.
>> My experience with MacPorts and Big Sur (as before with Catalina) was to simply follow the MacPorts update instructions, after updating and starting Xcode as described above, but without that manual xcode-select step.
> You *MUST* update the Xcode command line tools separately in addition to updating Xcode.

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