p5.28-xml-entities-1.0.200_0.darwin_20.noarch.tbz2 does not seem to exist

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sun Nov 22 03:29:16 UTC 2020

On Nov 21, 2020, at 19:32, Vahid Askarpour wrote:

> In attempting to install grace, my Mac crashes losing internet connection. The stall occurs when trying to fetch the following package:
> Attempting to fetch p5.28-xml-entities-1.0.200_0.darwin_20.noarch.tbz2 from https://packages.macports.org/p5.28-xml-entities
> --->  Attempting to fetch p5.28-xml-entities-1.0.200_0.darwin_20.noarch.tbz2 from https://ywg.ca.packages.macports.org/mirror/macports/packages/perl5/p5.28-xml-entities
> --->  Attempting to fetch p5.28-xml-entities-1.0.200_0.darwin_20.noarch.tbz2 from https://lil.fr.packages.macports.org/p5.28-xml-entities

Sounds like this issue again:


Do you have Little Snitch installed, or any other program that intercepts your network traffic? If so, try disabling it. If that works, it may need an update for Big Sur compatibility; check with its manufacturer.

We had another recent report of this problem on Big Sur in which the software Carbon Black might have been responsible:


> Checking these websites, the *.darwin_20.* does not appear to exist. The highest package is *.darwin_19.*

That is normal. Big Sur was only just released, and we have barely made a dent in building Big Sur versions of the tens of thousands of ports we have. It will take weeks before we are done with those that we can build, and many will not be buildable at all at the moment.


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