p5.28-xml-entities-1.0.200_0.darwin_20.noarch.tbz2 does not seem to exist

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Sun Nov 22 13:03:52 UTC 2020

On Nov 22, 2020, at 05:34, Vahid Askarpour wrote:

> I have AMP for endpoints but disabling it did not change the outcome. I will just wait until the .darwin_20.* package becomes available and then try again.

I'm hoping the perl modules will be done in a couple days.

You can also try building MacPorts from our git master. It includes an additional fix for this that limits the number of ping processes that we start at one time to 50.


50 was just a guess so if that doesn't work you can edit the source to reduce 50 even further:


Finally, if none of that works, or if you don't want to bother building master, you can always download the distfile manually and put it where MacPorts wants it:


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