Port Application Issues (Launching Issues)

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at libero.it
Sat Nov 28 00:25:50 UTC 2020


Jonathan Allen via macports-users wrote:
> The problem is, I can’t find the application icon at all and even searched the MacPorts help pages to see if there was a “launch this application” command and didn’t see one. I am a first time MacPorts user. How do I fix this so I can launch the HomeBank application, or have it show up in the MacPorts folder of the applications folder.

I don't use HomeBank, so I don't know the details. However, only native 
Cocoa apps wil install an .app bundle inside the MacPorts folder. E.g. 
emacs, gimp do that if they are compiled in the "+quartz" variant. Other 
apps if not Mac native will have their own launch method which will not 
be as straight-forward.


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