Migration doc suggestion - chsh

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Sat Nov 28 14:40:52 UTC 2020

Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> On Nov 27, 2020, at 15:50, Kevin Horton wrote:
>> I'm apparently a slow learner, but once again I forgot to change my login shell back to one supplied by Apple before migrating to Big Sur (I had been using.
>> Suggestion - add a step to the Migration docs, before the step that removes all ports.  If the user is using a default shell provided by Macports, do a 'chsh -s /bin/bash' (or other Apple supplied shell) before removing all ports.
> The wiki can be edited by anyone.

I would go further and recommend never setting your login shell to
anything but the shells shipped with the OS. If you set it to a
MacPorts-provided shell, all it takes is one bug (or even ABI change) in
the shell port or one of its dependencies to seriously break your system
when you try to upgrade.

You can configure Terminal to use a different shell without changing
your actual login shell, and that, along with having /opt/local/bin
early in your path, is usually all you need.

- Josh

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