MySQL 8: datadir

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Oct 3 00:29:40 UTC 2020

On Oct 2, 2020, at 17:17, Murray Eisenberg wrote:

> 	- move my.cnf to "appropriate location" <— not sure what this means! Surely I want it to be in /opt/local/etc/mysql8

According to "port notes mysql8" I agree that's the appropriate location.

> 	- start mysql8
> BUT what about the mysql8 initialization step: do I want to SKIP that, since I already have a mysql 5.7 database to use (i.e., to upgrade automatically)?

I would assume that since you already have a database, you would not want to perform the step that creates a database.

> Does the initialization do anything else besides creating a new database?

My guess would be no, but I don't know; you may wish to consult the MySQL documentation.

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