Failed to build graphviz: command execution failed

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Sep 3 15:01:13 UTC 2020

On Sep 2, 2020, at 20:55, Michael Newman wrote:

> I realize that there is a ticket on this (57137) that has been open for quite some time.
> However, this is the first time I've seen this error. What concerns me is this:
> MrMuscle:~ mnewman$ port rdependents graphviz
> The following ports are dependent on graphviz:
>  vala
>    gssdp
>      gupnp
>        gupnp-igd
>          libnice
>            gstreamer1-gst-plugins-bad
>    libproxy
>      glib-networking
>        libsoup
>          gstreamer1-gst-plugins-good
>      neon
>    librsvg
>      ffmpeg
>        chromaprint
> I use both gstreamer and ffmpeg regularly.
> Does this mean that these may stop working until the graphviz problem is fixed?
> If so, what can I do?

Ticket 57137 is about the need for us to modify the xcode portgroup to set -derivedDataPath when using recent versions of Xcode. This is needed to prevent build failures of ports that build using xcodebuild. I do intent to look into that as I update graphviz to a more recent version.

graphviz-gui builds using xcodebuild, but graphviz does not. So that problem will not prevent graphviz from building.

There have been a few other reports lately of graphviz build failures for other reasons; if you're experiencing a graphviz build failure, see if one of them applies.

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