Weird GNUPLOT problem (but *not* just Gnuplot)

Ruben Di Battista rubendibattista at
Sun Sep 13 10:36:46 UTC 2020

Ehi Dave,

Did you try to launch the binary from the terminal and see which errors it
spits out?

On Sun, 13 Sep 2020, 10:07 Dave Horsfall, <dave at> wrote:

> No replies?  Am I the only person on the planet having this problem?
> It's not confined to Gnuplot, but pretty much anything that wants to save
> a modified file, such as TextEdit (such as my prescriptions, which for me
> is pretty much a matter of life and death).
> I note that this crap only started happening after last Monday's weekly
> update; up until then, my MacBook had performed flawlessly...  Could the
> perp responsible please raise their hand?
> Should I back out that flawed update (if I can remember how) and stop
> doing any further updates until I am assured that they will actually work
> i.e. they were actually tested?  For some reason the Therac-25 (look it
> up; it's the story of an untested software update that went horribly
> wrong) springs to mind...
> What can I do to provide more information?  Whoever in Cupertino is
> receiving the crash reports when I abort the hung processes must be
> getting pretty sick of them by now, and that's not looking too good for
> MacPorts...
> Excuse my attitude, but after nearly 50 years in the IT game (probably
> longer than most people on this list have been alive) I've never seen
> anything like this.
> On Thu, 10 Sep 2020, Dave Horsfall wrote:
> > MacBook Pro (early) with Sierra (all updates); can't be more precise
> than
> > that because "About This Mac" is no longer displaying anything (SMC
> reset
> > required?) since a reboot, but that's not my immediate problem.
> >
> > Gnuplot Version 5.2 patchlevel 8    last modified 2019-12-01
> >
> > When trying to save a graph (any graph) I get as far as "Save As" and I
> get
> > the dreaded spinning beachball instead of the file selection; I've
> waited up
> > to an hour before killing it by doing in AquaTerm.  This started
> happening
> > after my Monday "port upgrade outdated", so I'm guessing that I now have
> a
> > bad library somewhere as a result of the upgrade?  There were a few
> library
> > updates, as I recall...
> >
> > I'm trying to figure out whether this is a Mac/Gnuplot problem or a user
> > error, so I'm wondering whether others have seen this before I report it
> as a
> > possible Gnuplot bug (but I can't see how it could be, because it wasn't
> > touched as such).
> >
> > Thanks (and yeah, I have a few outstanding replies to follow up)
> >
> > -- Dave
> >
> -- Dave
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