Failed to activate xorg-libX11

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Apr 23 13:49:01 UTC 2021

On Apr 23, 2021, at 08:12, tom eee wrote:

> I got the following error while trying to update outdated after doing the selfupdate:
> Error: Failed to activate xorg-libX11: Image error: /opt/local/include/X11/extensions/XKBgeom.h is being used by the active xorg-kbproto port.  Please deactivate this port first, or use 'port -f activate xorg-libX11' to force the activation.
> I saw related mention in the hotlist, but was unable to relate to my particular error.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

xorg-kbproto became obsolete on August 29, 2018 [1] and was deleted March 10, 2020 [2]. If you still have it installed and active, you must not have updated your ports at any time between those dates. We try to leave upgrade paths in place for about one year, so it is highly recommended that you upgrade your ports at least once a year.

You can uninstall xorg-kbproto.

sudo port -f uninstall xorg-kbproto



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