Error: Failed to configure boost

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Fri Apr 23 16:36:41 UTC 2021

On Apr 23, 2021, at 09:48, tom eee wrote:

> I got the following error message while doing sudo port upgrade outdated:
> Error: Failed to configure boost: configure failure: command execution failed
> OS X 10.7.5
> Mac Mini mid-2011
> main.log is attached.
> Thank you,
> Tom
> <main.log>

It's not clear to me why this failed. The log says:

:info:configure Building Boost.Build engine with toolset clang... 
:info:configure Failed to build Boost.Build build engine
:info:configure Consult 'bootstrap.log' for more details

Maybe the bootstrap.log will contain more useful information.

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