New Port Encompassing GNU Command-Line Tool Suite

Christopher Nielsen mascguy at
Sun Aug 15 15:49:48 UTC 2021

For anyone interested, I created a new meta port that installs all of the foundational GNU command-line utilities. This eliminates the need to remember/document them all.

The port is named ‘gutils-suite’, and it includes the following:
* bc
* bison
* coreutils
* diffutils
* findutils
* flex
* gawk
* gtime
* gpatch
* grep
* gsed
* parallel

In terms of the included ports, I tried to include those that are the most-used. And while end-users may not explicitly utilize ‘bison’ and ‘flex’ that much, many other ports are dependent upon them. So they’re also worth including.

Also, the included ports all build and run on macOS 10.4 and 10.5. And at present, all are buildable with gcc-4.2, reducing the requisite compilers for old hardware.

And finally, folks may ask why ‘bash’ (and ‘bash-completion’) wasn’t included. That was considered; but since not everyone uses BASH, it doesn’t make sense for all.

Anyhow, hopefully folks will find this port useful. And if you feel that anything else should be included - with the caveat that proposed additions should work on 10.4 and up, and only require gcc-4.2 to build - let me know!


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