python ports depend on openssl not in index

Joshua Root jmr at
Fri Dec 10 03:39:14 UTC 2021

SeaQuench wrote:

> After applying an update to MacOS last August, the python ports are reporting a dependency on either openssl11 or openssl3, neither of which are to be found in the (local?) index for MacPorts, according to the error I have received, copied below. While I am prompted to report a bug, I presume I am not in a novel situation. Could someone advise me as to how to proceed? I am running MacPorts 2.6.2 on MacOS 10.15.7 with XCode 12.4 installed.
The primary problem here is that you are running MacPorts 2.6.2 
(released in 2019). The current ports are not going to work with an old 
version of base. You need to update to 2.7.1, and the other problems 
will likely be resolved by that.

- Josh

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