Can some ports install config files inside '/usr/local/etc'?

fgyamauti2 fgyamauti2 fgyamauti2 at
Sat Dec 11 05:11:01 UTC 2021


 Apparently some ports that I've installed are making directories inside
'/usr/local/etc' with example configuration files. Still the installed
ports themselves seem to only listen to stuff inside '/opt/local/etc'.

  For instance, I have an 'unbound' folder inside both. In the former, it
contains 'unbound.config', while in the latter it contains 'root.key' and
'unsound.config-dist' (a file with contents identical to 'unbound.config').
That seems to happen to particular ports only, though. Anyone experiencing
that? Are these folders really unnecessary?

  Thanks in advance,
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