Failure to activate

dan d. dandunfee at
Tue Dec 21 19:17:15 UTC 2021

Ok, I will do so the next time it happens.  I don't recall seeing the "deactivate"  prompt.

On Tue, 21 Dec 2021, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Dec 20, 2021, at 09:12, dan d. wrote:
> > Recently I have increasingly begun to get the failure to activate on installs and upgrades.  It prompts to use the "-f activate portname"
> > approach.  This begins but never finishes; requiring a control-c to stop it.
> You usually should not force a port activation. You should usually choose the other alternative presented in the error message (deactivate the conflicting port).
> Please show us specifically which messages you are getting (which ports are giving the message, and which other ports they seem to be conflicting with).


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