It was a dark and stormy night ...

james jam at
Wed Feb 10 06:22:18 UTC 2021

The captain said to his men “Gather round my merry men I’ve a terrible tail to tell”. This is the tail he told … "It was a dark and stormy night …”

Once upon a time Craig did a port for mythtv. It was too hard to maintain and building mythtv was incredibly hard. John Hoyt set about making an ansible build that was a) much much easier b) made extensive use of macports.

A recent change to macports jpeg library meant that the mythtv bundle used the macports jpeg library. John has resolved this but (before he did) in trying to track down and fix the issue I caused chaos on my MacBook.

No worries, inconvenient, but I’ll just re-install. Gods snicker.

I created a bootable Catalina disk and tried that way. Soon to learn the error of my ways (explains: security stops booting from an external drive)

I used the online tools to
a) format the disk as a case sensitive apfs drive
b) re-install Catalina (and there are reasons for not embracing Big Sur)

After restoring some of my stuff I had no space !!
I have 2 Mac OS - Data volumes. After much cleaning and fiddling it I have 1/2 drive space.

Who should I go to to ask for help on disk stuff (And the dark and stormy is about going round and round eg enter passed to change security to allow ext boot when main disk is blank. So Install os to change security ..)

Thanks James

[plasma] /Users/jam [63]% df -h
Filesystem      Size   Used  Avail Capacity iused      ifree %iused  Mounted on
/dev/disk1s7   466Gi   10Gi  193Gi     6%  488254 4881964626    0%   /
devfs          189Ki  189Ki    0Bi   100%     654          0  100%   /dev
/dev/disk1s6   466Gi  182Gi  193Gi    49%  636680 4881816200    0%   /System/Volumes/Data
/dev/disk1s5   466Gi  1.0Gi  193Gi     1%       1 4882452879    0%   /private/var/vm
/dev/disk1s1   466Gi   19Gi  193Gi    10%   95000 4882357880    0%   /Volumes/Macintosh HD — Data
/dev/disk1s2   466Gi   59Gi  193Gi    24% 1118568 4881334312    0%   /Volumes/Macintosh HD - Data
map auto_home    0Bi    0Bi    0Bi   100%       0          0  100%   /System/Volumes/Data/home
[plasma] /Users/jam [64]% ls /Volumes/ |od -atx1
0000000    M   a   c   i   n   t   o   s   h  sp   H   D  nl   M   a   c
           4d  61  63  69  6e  74  6f  73  68  20  48  44  0a  4d  61  63
0000020    i   n   t   o   s   h  sp   H   D  sp   -  sp   D   a   t   a
           69  6e  74  6f  73  68  20  48  44  20  2d  20  44  61  74  61
0000040   nl   M   a   c   i   n   t   o   s   h  sp   H   D  sp   �  80
           0a  4d  61  63  69  6e  74  6f  73  68  20  48  44  20  e2  80
0000060   94  sp   D   a   t   a  nl
           94  20  44  61  74  61  0a
[plasma] /Users/jam [65]%

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