MacPorts bash on Big Sur as default shell

Rainer Müller raimue at
Thu Feb 11 13:01:59 UTC 2021

On 10/02/2021 22.35, Mike Summers via macports-users wrote:
> I'm not able to get MacPorts bash working in Terminal as the default shell.
> This is fresh install of Big Sur 11.2 on a new machine, fresh install of
> MacPorts. Only bash and bash-autocomplete are installed
> Setting the shell in either the Terminal preferences or for my user to
> /opt/local/bin/bash always leaves me in /bin/bash 

Make sure you use the correct command to lauch in the Terminal preferences.
See here for the details:

> The "best" workaround so far is to start in zsh which has the PATH set correctly
> and exec bash from there.

The MacPorts installer only added PATH to the login shell of your user account.
For zsh, you can find the addition the .zprofile file in your home directory.

If you want to use a different shell, you need to make sure to configure PATH
for that shell. For bash that means you need to configure it in your
.bash_profile accordingly.

> My old machine where has been through many upgrades including Big Sur "just works", 
> I've run out of ideas, I'd appreciate pointers.

Those older machines may already have the PATH settings in .bash_profile,
because you most probably installed MacPorts while bash was the login shell.


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