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On 16 Feb 2021, at 22:01, Peter West wrote:

> Hi Ryan,
> That’s interesting about the natural gas supplies.  I’m surprised 
> that Texas does not have even two days worth of gas in storage. Maybe 
> that had all been sold to Mexico. Considering that Russia supplies 
> (from Siberia) significant quantities of natural gas to Europe, with 
> plans for a doubling of the Nord Stream pipelines, they obviously have 
> more experience in keeping gas flowing in freezing conditions. The 
> Nord Stream pipelines do go under water, but the gas has to get to 
> them.

If you *plan* for supplying gas and operating power plants (which need 
non-frozen water) in absurdly cold conditions, it is not hard to do, 
although it does cost money to implement. After all, people do live in 
Canada and the northern tier of the US, and both the wind turbines and 
the gas plants are running just fine in Minnesota.  No one ever planned 
for essentially all of Texas pl,us adjacent areas south and east to be 
as cold as it has been for the past week. There are also quirks of the 
way Texas has (not) regulated the energy sector that have encouraged 
minimizing prices in normal times, at the cost of the whole system 
collapsing in a cold snap.

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