Build servers going offline due to inclement weather

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Dear Bill et al.,

Does that one rely on a river or other body of water, or does it have cooling towers?

As far as I know, our natural gas facilities and wind turbines are working just fine
here in Wisconsin in our recent sub-zero temperatures, but they are all built for it.

Dear James et al.,

Reprocessing could get around the bulk of the waste/storage issues, but people are
afraid of the security issues in our frightening world.  I am not a great fan
of nuclear fission for general power use, but it has its place for the time being.

I work in Nuclear Fusion, as that is really the only truly long-term (centuries,
millennia) way to power a technically advanced and populous society.


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> Clearly, Texas needs new nuclear power plants!

Or they could just winterize the ones they have. e.g. there's a nuclear 
plant south of Houston that is offline because its cooling water is 
currently ice.

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