Build servers going offline due to inclement weather

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While in principle most updates that fetch source might still work, I've seen few if any since the outage began, and I'm curious about that. Haven't seen a fetch failure, just no updates showing up.

> On Feb 19, 2021, at 15:26, Bill Cole <macportsusers-20171215 at> wrote:
> On 19 Feb 2021, at 15:12, Todd Doucet wrote:
>> Many new users, like me, might not know what the consequences of the build servers being down are, exactly.  I am speculating that this does not mean that MacPorts is not available generally, but instead that if I ask for a port it might build it on my machine instead of pulling a pre-built binary for me.
> Correct. In some cases there could also be problems with getting source distributions of some ports automatically.
> From Ryan's initial message:
>> Binary archives of newly updated ports will not be produced during this time so MacPorts will compile from source on your computer when needed. Source distfiles will not be mirrored during this time either which may impact your ability to install some ports on older OS versions, particularly OS X 10.8 and earlier. If you get an error during the fetch phase, consult:
> That link explains that if you can find and manually fetch the right distfile, you can work around a 'port fetch' failure.
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